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Bullet journals provide a fun way to organize thoughts, tasks, and goals. 

Not only can journaling track your progress towards fulfilling your objectives, but it can also help preserve precious memories and highlights for the day. Putting ideas and thoughts on paper can boost awareness so you can achieve your plans. That’s precisely why bujo (bllet journal) enthusiasts have created spreads to track bills, monitor health goals, jot down tasks, and remember their bucket list. 

Bullet journals are also highly customizable. Enthusiasts love to spice up their pages with creative layouts, photos, and designs that showcase their personality and favorite.

How can you make your bullet journal shine? Take a look at these inspirational ideas you can try to keep your creative juices flowing.

bullet journal gratitude tracker

Focus on the good

Never forget that the little things in life matter the most. Focus on the good through this Gratitude Tracker from My Blue Sky Design. Fill it up as a part of your daily routine as a reminder to think about the bright side and appreciate each moment. Reading this page can instantly change your mood and help you concentrate on the things which matter most.

fitness goals bullet journal spread

Track fitness goals

The weight loss journey features numerous struggles but every effort counts. Appreciate the journey and find balance by using this weight loss tracker by The Petite Planner. The “Workout Snapshot” section can monitor efforts dedicated to cardio, strength, and yoga. Meanwhile, the “Weight & Measurements” section can help identify little yet significant changes in your waist and thigh measurements. With the help of these spreads, you’re one step closer to getting your dream body.

bullet journal menu

Bujo for a healthy diet

A healthy diet is a key compenent to living a long and happy life. Luckily, this menu plan by life arrangements ensures you eat a nutrient-rich and clean diet for the month. Having a pre-planned menu guarantees you’ll have the necessary ingredients stocked in your pantry. For a balanced diet, note the dishes which will give the right dose of protein, carbs, veggies, and dairy to keep you energized.

playlist bullet journal spread

Make a playlist

Relatable tunes can either bring you back to nostalgic moments or change your mood in an instant. To celebrate the top songs on your playlist, try this spread by Claire. Make it pop through imaginative lettering and stick to the album cover art of talented musicians. With this spread, you can finally remember the songs that mark each chapter of your life.

mood productivity bullet journal spread

Keep tabs on emotions

First things first: Are you getting things done while working or studying from home? A prolonged stay indoors may have damaged your performance. If this is the case, we highly recommend using this circular mood and productivity tracker by veronica to keep tabs on your emotions and lazy days. Pretty soon, this self-rating will ensure you’re constantly working towards achieving your hopes and dreams—with reasonable breaks in between.

recipes bullet journal spread

Preserve beloved recipes

Whether you’ve spotted a cool platter or seek to preserve an iconic family dish, this recipe journal by Anna will get the job done. Just write all the ingredients you’ll need, draw the process, and include a snapshot of the final product. Hopefully, you’ll be able to pass down your best dishes within your family for generations to come.

sleep log bullet journal spread

Build healthy sleeping habits

Good sleep is a part of self-care but some can’t help but push their bedtime past midnight. Night owls looking to reform their ways can use this sleep tracker to build healthy sleep habits. Late-night procrastinators and aspiring early risers should try out this bujo idea to get their much-needed beauty sleep.

phone tracker bullet journal spread

Decrease screentime

Less screentime means more moments spent on family, hustles, and mental breaks. Rather than resisting the urge to grab your phone (and failing), make a spread to track time spent on the phone. Cynthia conceptualized this phone tracker to identify the time she spent getting distracted by her beloved gadget.  Learn the exact numbers and you’ll be amazed at the amount of time wasted scrolling through your newsfeed.

travel bullet journal spread

Document precious travels

Every moment spent on a new and unique destination is priceless. As a result, Ewa Cat Mędrzecka designed this beautiful page to look back on her adventures in the form of photos, tickets, leaflets, maps, napkins, and coins. When life gets hard, these pages will bring you back to the wonderful memories and souvenirs you gained during your short trip.

books bullet journal spread

Make a reading list

Books can transport you to faraway kingdoms and fantasy worlds. Yet, sometimes we lose track of book release dates and trilogies we’re longing to read. So, list down your next reads or audiobooks on this spread by Julia to guarantee you’ll devour thrilling stories you’ve wanted. 

desktop bullet journal spread

Create a desktop to-do list

There are numerous spreads for to-do lists and planners, yet this weekly spread from Claire stands out from the pack. True to the Apple desktop theme, the illustration is cluttered with icons, notes, and a Gmail inbox. It’s the most relatable planner for people who relentlessly open tons of tabs in real-life.

seasonal bullet journal spread

Develop a seasonal wishlist

Make every weekend remarkable by fulfilling activities in this seasonal wishlist. This spread by Masha Plans lists down exciting fall activities such as camping trips, bonfires, and picnics. Making an effort to cross out each activity ensures you can live each season to the fullest.

Keep journaling 

Hopefully, our list of journal ideas can help you preserve songs, memories, and little things that brighten your day. If you’re working towards a specific goal, then find a spread that will motivate you to achieve your task. Customize the design and layout by adding images, drawing illustrations, and including decorations that mimic your personality. 

Here’s to hoping these gorgeous ideas will help turn your ambition into reality!

Monique Danao

Monique Danao


Monique Danao is a freelance writer specializing in lifestyle, travel, and marketing. 

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