There are countless calendar apps and software available, but a new crop of paper planners have been gaining popularity among creative pros. While online calendars and mobile scheduling apps are great for keeping track of appointments, a paper planner can help keep you accountable for your long-term goals.

We’ve gathered our favorite planners on the market below, many of which are member favorites. Share your favorite planners and goal-tracking systems in the comments!

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Day Designer – $59

This planner is designed to help you match your schedule to your intentions. With self-assessment sections and pages to lay out your ideal week, the Day Designer helps you define your goals, and then gives you a framework to prioritize those goals in your schedule.

Get To Work Book – $55

Part daily planner, part goal setting workbook. Elise Blaha Cripe’s Get To Work Book is designed to help you tackle big goals by taking things one day at a time. Each month begins with an illustrated, inspirational quote, and ends with reflection on your accomplishments.

Passion Planner – $35

This unique planner helps you discover your unique ambitions. Guided prompts fill this notebook, offering you the opportunity to reflect on your goals. 

At A Glance Planner – $33.65

Classic day planner with space to record appointments and daily tasks. Weekly overview pages and monthly review pages help you get a broader view of your workload.

Full Focus Planner – $42.99

Featuring a weekly countdown, streak tracker, and goal reflection pages, this 90-day planner is made for pros looking for accountability with their goals in 2020. 

The Maker’s Yearbook – £32.50 (~$40)

This planner is designed to help professional creatives create a plan to grow their businesses. The Maker’s Yearbook is filled with specialized worksheets, like a sales tracker and a social media planning guide, as well as traditional monthly and weekly planner pages.

Quilter’s Planner – $48.95

A unique planner for quilters who want to maximize their productivity in 2020. The Quilter’s Planner features project planning pages and Projects-At-A-Glance pages, to help craft pros stay on top of multiple projects, and conquer their quilting deadlines.

Knitter’s Planner – $48.95

The perfect planner for knit or crochet pros. This organizer helps you keep tabs on how many projects you have in the works, and all the steps needed to finish each project in time. Vision board pages help you plan out all the projects you want to complete in 2020, and keep them at a glance as you go. Plus, you can customize the weekly start date, weekly calendar layout, and choose from multiple cover options.


The Happiness Planner – $59

This unique yearly planner puts the focus on your state of mind. How do you want to feel in 2020? Consider it half planner, and half guided journey to self-discovery. The Happiness Planner includes worksheets and checklists to help you discover your unique talents, and discover ways you could change your pattern of thinking to blaze a new path forward and achieve your dreams.

Action Day Planner – $29.99

This traditional planner offers an hour-by-hour schedule blocking template each day. Team leaders may enjoy the delegation and teamwork section of this planner, which offers a way to track team projects.

Erin Condron’s Life Planner – $40

This planner offers lots of space to write, making it a great choice for anyone looking to do memorykeeping in addition to weekly or daily planning. This planner offers a personalized cover, for added customization.

Panda Planner – $25.97

This planner only covers 90 days, but its non-dated format means you can get started at any time. Meant to help you zero in on short-term goals, the Panda Planner offers daily space for reflection as your pursue your goals.

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