Setting a positive yet uplifting tone on social media during the COVID-19 global pandemic has been a challenge for many creative companies. Organizations have shifted their marketing strategies to engage and prioritize connection over sales with an at-home audience who is adjusting to a new normal.

Even though many of these companies face their own business uncertainties, they’re using their platforms to build community, serve their audience with craft ideas, and encourage creativity to relieve stress during quarantine. Here are some noteworthy examples of brands hitting the right mark with their creative content during this crisis.

Beacon Adhesives “Stick Together Challenge”

Adhesives brand Beacon recently launched a hashtag campaign to encourage crafts to stay connected via social media during these days of social distancing. Their #sticktogetherchallenge on Instagram encourages followers to share what they are making while quarantined using the hashtag thus driving both brand awareness and connection.

Sophia Lupetin, Social Media Coordinator for Beacon shares, “Since we make glue, we like to tell people that they can always “stick” with us. As this is a very difficult and uncertain time right now, we wanted to challenge people to craft, create, or share positivity as a way to ignite unity and make sure no one feels alone.” Beacon followers love the challenge and since it’s launch there’s been over 50 uses of the hashtag – everything from easy no-sew DIYs to handmade cards.

Culture Hustle – Bringing the art store to your doorstep

UK-based paint brand Culture Hustle understands that artists need their favorite materials now more than ever as a creative outlet. Their recent paid and organic content speaks to their audiences need to bring the art store to their doorstep so they can continue to fuel their creative projects.

In response to their strategy during lockdown, Stuart Semple explains, “We haven’t really changed what we do at all – we have always been focused on supporting people’s creativity and encouraging making. We’ve done some things to help people stick at home so we have given away a few thousand of our Colouriest colors to kids around the world to paint rainbows to cheer up their homes, made our coloring book free to download, and we’ve been streaming free life drawing classes on Facebook. We’ve spent our time working out ways we can be helpful to people’s creativity whilst they are at home.”

Lion Brand Yarns – Crafting Connection on Facebook Live

The company mission for Lion Brand is “Creating a more colorful, connected, and giving world” and they are doing just that with their recent Facebook Live show “Crafting Connection.” Launched at the start of the national shutdown, this daily show hosted by Lion Brand ambassador Shira Blumenthal encourages viewers to grab their needles and hang out while knitting or crocheting. This show very much has a community knitting group vibe and showcases Lion Brand yarn, patterns, and tips and tricks. Shira welcomes Lion brand team members and celebrity knitters like Vanna White all while being inclusive to viewers through Q&As and sharing positivity.

DecoArt – Meditative Paint Stirring

Paint manufacturer DecoArt has been doing an amazing job to provide inspiration and encourage creativity while their audience has been stuck at home. They recently shared a satisfying video of their Americana Decor paint being stirred that showed off its rich texture while getting a “soothing” response from viewers. Not only did this simple video provide a moment of calm reflection, but it also sparked intrigue and product inquiries from fans; definitely a great piece of content that both serves and drives sales.

Crayola – Easy At Home Crafts with Craft Box Girls

Art supply company Crayola has long provided supplies that help children stay creative and active and with everyone at home quarantined, their products are now more important than ever. On their Facebook page, they’ve partnered with Lynn Lily of Craft Box Girls to share crafts that use their products plus simple household staples most people already have on hand. Each live video features three easy, technique-based ideas for parents to try at home. With so many parents looking for easy ways to pass the time or fulfill art curriculum goals, this is a much-watch for inspiring and accessible ideas.

Although we face uncertain times these companies are showcasing their creative leadership and authority by meeting their customers where they are and creating content with heart that is much more than a sales push. It’s important for creative companies to stay mindful and compassionate toward their consumer and put a thoughtful content strategy in place. Setting the right tone during this crisis just might lead to long-term brand loyalty and trust for the brand in years to come.

Alexa Westerfield

Alexa Westerfield


Alexa Westerfield is multi-faceted marketer, designer, and lifelong crafter. Professionally she’s worked for over 15 years with craft companies like Tulip, Aleene’s, Artbin, and DecoArt as a designer and marketing strategist guiding content campaigns, influencers, and retailer relationships. In addition, she’s created viral crafted content for her blog theswelldesigner.com and has produced short form video and creative content for brands like Darby Smart, Association for Creative industries, and Alt Summit. Her work has been featured on The Rachael Ray Show, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and Today.com.

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