Editorial Services: From Concept to Structure to Clarity to Punctuation

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Ever wish you could ask your best friend to help make your writing project the best it can be? (But you know they won’t want to hurt your feelings, and also if they do hurt your feelings you know you don’t have room in your life for that kind of an awkward mess?)

Working with a good editor is like getting the advice of a friend who wants your success to be massive and give it to you straight, without the potential for drama.

As an editor, I help with projects as big as full-length books and as small as a blog post, giving you honest feedback about how you can make your point most effectively so you can achieve exactly what you want to achieve.

Here are three kinds of editorial services I offer:

  • Developmental Editing. Got an idea for a book, pamphlet, website copy overhaul, or blog series? I’ll help you flesh out your idea and narrow it down so you’ll know exactly what you’re going to write about, and so you can make a clear plan for how you’ll do it. Outlining? Oh, yes.
  • Structural Editing. Have a draft already, whether in-progress or completed? I’ll work through it with you to ensure everything that needs to be in it is in it, that it’s organized to your point crystal clear to your audience, and that it flows well.
  • Copyediting. When your draft is well structured and it flows well, it’s time to dive into the copy. I’ll help you sound like yourself and will ensure that your paragraphs and sentences are well written and grammatically sound.

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