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Looking to spend a little bit of money to add some polish to your business that will pay off with dividends month after month? Awesome. How’s your email autoresponder looking?

I specialize in developing and writing text (‘copy’ in the lingo) for autoresponder email sequences. Keep reading for more details (including why, YES, you need a specialist for this part of your biz!)

What is an autoresponder?

Email autoresponder sequences (or automated emails) are a series of emails that are sent to a new email newsletter signup, staggered by a set amount of time. Even if you don’t know it, you’ve been on the receiving end of these before. A welcome email when you sign up. A coupon that appears in your inbox after 2 weeks. These are automations that differ from the ‘regular’ emails you receive from a company (where everyone gets the same email on, say, October 12th to announce a fall sale).

These emails are a golden opportunity. Sure, you’ve done a lot of work to get a customer to sign up for your list, and that’s great! But building trust, telling your brand’s story, and encouraging that customer to make a purchase happens in the early stages of your relationship. That’s why I encourage businesses to have an 8-12 email sequence that goes out to all new signups.

Why can’t I just use my normal copywriter?

There are different types of copywriters. The most common type is a ‘sales’ or ‘product’ copywriter. These folks are magicians with words: they edit for clarity and conciseness and know how to write the best possible paragraph on the back of a box or on a website product listing.

But emails should be different. They aren’t bland sales copy. They’re a conversation between you and your customer. They should be fun, engaging and reflect your personality. They need to be punchy, and don’t need to fit in a tight spot. That’s why you want someone who can tell your story.

I’m not very good at brevity (look how long this classified is!). But I’m great at working with you, asking you questions about your business, and extracting the information to convey to your customers to optimize trust in your brand and business.

How does this work?

If we’re a good fit for each other, I’ll look at your website and send you a list of question. About you, how you got started, typical trouble spots for your customers, your favorite tips… all that jazz. A typical autoresponder sequence is a mix of information about your brand & tutorials/helpful tips for customers… customers are fed up with receiving one sales-y email after another.

I charge by the hour, so the more information you provide me, the better! For a well-prepared client who already has blog post tutorials and ‘about me’ pages, it takes me a little under 2 hours to edit that information into a friendly and conversational dozen-or-so emails. If you don’t have it together, I can write a round-up of ‘fave tips for using haircare products’ (or whatever), but to be honest… that starts to add up!

You will need to have email software that has autoresponder capabilities and create the workflow yourself. I will provide advice on the timing for the emails, but by-and-large, I just write the copy 😉 You will also need images for your emails.

My services are best suited for a small business at an intermediate stage. You should have:

  • A clear idea of who your customer is and what products you have to offer
  • A fairly decent website with an established email list (or at least a very clear idea on how you’re going to use your email list)
  • Time to dedicate to continuing to develop your list, including committing to send out regular, quality content

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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