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Purl & Loop is an established designer and maker of small, portable weaving looms.  The business began as an online yarn shop in 2012 but eventually found its happy place in the weaving world.  At one point, Purl & Loop occupied a two-room studio in East Downtown Houston that housed a laser machine with 5 part time employees.  In October 2019, I moved the business from Houston, TX to Tulsa, OK where we relocated for my spouse’s job and simplified everything by eliminating the in-house laser machine functions and the lease.  This also resulted in a reduction in staff associated with the laser machine and order fulfillment as I took that on myself.  I run it now in a 300 sq ft home studio and utilize an outsourced laser company in California and a local maker space here in Tulsa.  I continue to utilize a long term Texas staff member to assemble all of the looms and have a part time studio assistant to help with local laser cutting and packaging.  The current physical inventory is being sold at full retail prices (as of mid October) and there is little expectation that a significant amount will exist beyond November 15.  Price reductions will be applied to products that are not typically sold by retailers and were already on a path to being discontinued.


Business assets for sale:

  • Digital laser files for the following weaving loom products (created in Illustrator):
    • Patented Swatch Maker 3-in1
    • Individual Swatch Makers in 8, 10 and 12 setts (sold individually & set of 3)
    • Bracelet loom in 10 and 12 setts
    • Minute Weavers in 4, 8 and 10 setts (sold individually & set of 3)
    • Wee Weaver in 4, 8, 10 and 12 setts
    • Square Stash Blasters in 5 and 8 setts
    • Circle loom
    • Made to Order Nesting Circle Looms
    • Weaving accessories:
      • Tapestry needle – 6 ½”
      • Shuttle
      • Pick up sticks (3 ¼”, 5”,6”, 7 ¾”
      • 2”, 3” and 4” weaving combs
    • Sett Checkers – Yarnworker brand, Heddles Up, Keep Calm & Weave On, Weave Happens, Talk Yarn to Me & Just Weave It
  • Photography for the above mentioned products
  • Photo instructions (PDFs created in Illustrator or InDesign)where that accompany each product except for weaving accessories and sett checkers.
  • Purl & Loop registered trademark
  • Swatch Maker 3-in-1 utility and design U.S. patents
  • com Shopify site with sales and customer history. Through 2019, most wholesale orders were invoiced separately in QuickBooks and direct to consumer orders were handled within the Shopify site.  In 2020, all sales went through the Shopify site.
  • Social Media accounts – Instagram (4600 organic followers), Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube
  • Constant Contact email subscriber list
  • Detail of each product components, costs and sourcing info
  • Introduction and transition to current (placed orders within last year) wholesale customers


Buyer Considerations:

  • Majority of sales are direct to consumer via website
  • Marketplace retailers (Amazon and Etsy) drive most of the wholesale business
  • Utilization of outsourced laser functions require higher order volume for lower manufacturing costs
  • Access to local maker space laser machines increases profit margins without the cost, maintenance and physical space requirements of an in-house laser but lack the flexibility to control production schedules
  • Most of the looms require some assembly (glueing) and application of mineral or wood conditioning oil
  • Purl & Loop’s brand and success was highly driven by the collaborative relationship with Liz Gipson of Yarnworker and continuing the relationship can be beneficial to the new owner of the brand
  • Purl & Loop has no existing distributor relationships

Next Steps:

I am happy to answer general questions in person (over the phone or Zoom).  For more in depth details, a non disclosure will need to be signed.  Please feel free to email at angela@smithpal.com or text at 713-545-2450.

  • Contact Name: Angela Smith
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