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When NBCUniversal announced in May that it would be shutting down Bluprint, the online video subscription service for crafters (formerly known as Craftsy), many in the crafts community were dismayed. Bluprint’s massive archive of instructional craft courses seemed destined to disappear into the ether. Now, the fate of those course videos has, perhaps, been saved.

TN Marketing, a Minneapolis-based global online video subscription, and streaming business, today announced it has acquired assets of Bluprint from NBCUniversal, effective immediately.

“The acquisition of Bluprint assets establishes TN Marketing as the largest online digital video subscription company focused on instructional how-to content,” said Cal Franklin, CEO and president of TN Marketing. “Bluprint is a natural fit as part of TN Marketing’s portfolio of online communities.”

TN Marketing is perhaps best known in the craft community as the owner of National Sewing Circle and National Quilters Circle, sites that offer how-to video instructional video content. The company is a subsidiary of Trans National Group Services of Boston, which was founded by Steve Belkin more than 46 years ago.

TN Marketing owns a total of 12 online hobby communities including Woodworkers Guild of America, Get Healthy U TV, Outdoor Photography Guide and RV Repair Club among others.

According to the press release, the acquisition of Bluprint assets by TN Marketing “effectively will provide a seamless transition for current Bluprint customers and subscribers, by preserving their access to the Bluprint content.” TN Marketing announced, “it will honor previous customer purchases for classes and subscriptions.”

“Our team is focused on continuing the excitement, enthusiasm, and loyalty that the Bluprint community, instructors, designers, and content creators enjoyed since its Craftsy days,” said Jim Kopp, EVP, and GM of Digital Business.

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