Legal Question & Answer With Kiffanie Stahle

Kiffanie Stahle is the friendly legal eagle behind the artist’s J.D. In this Q&A session, Kiffanie answers members’ legal questions on topics ranging from copyright and to contracts and more!

Putting the Kids to Work in Your Craft Business

The big order comes in and it’s all hands on deck to get it processed and out the door. Photographing, packaging, and post office visits. If you have kids in the house there is a good chance you asked them to help, just to get the work done and maintain a level of sanity.

Legal Q&A With Nakia D. Hansen

Nakia D. Hansen is a New York State-licensed attorney and digital strategist who currently serves as Of Counsel at Odegard Law, a boutique law firm in New York City and in this Q&A session she answers members’ legal questions.

Choosing the Right Business Entity

When its time to incorporate your business, how do you know which legal entity to choose? In this article, CPA Nathan Owen explains the differences between a sole proprietor, and LLC, an S-Corps.

How to Become a Confident Negotiator: Expert Tips for Creative Business Owners

Negotiating a business relationship or contract on your own can be incredibly intimidating, especially if negotiation doesn’t come naturally for you. It didn’t come naturally to Katie Lane when she first started work as an attorney. She had to learn how to negotiate including how to help herself when she felt uncomfortable or intimidated.

Katie shares her expert tips for getting comfortable in your role as a negotiator when you own a creative business.

How to Negotiate (Even If You Hate Conflict) With Katie Lane

Katie Lane is an attorney who specializes in negotiation for artists. In this webinar, you will learn to negotiate successfully, avoid caving into high-pressure demands, and most importantly, be calm, confident, and ready for action when opportunities present themselves.

Cosy Project Not so Cozy for Some

Cosy Project catches designers by surprise by selling digital versions of their patterns previously published in magazines.

Avoid Copyright Breaches on Your Multi-Contributor Blog

If you have a multi-contributor craft blog how can you be sure that the posts and images contributors are submitting are original? Fiona Pullen of The Sewing Directory speaks from first hand experience with these expert tips.

Legal Building Blocks: Teaching Contract

When you’re planning to teach it’s important to include all of the terms of the agreement in written form, and to get the contract signed by both parties.

My Kid Wants an Etsy Shop. Now What?

You’ve got a crafty kid who’s asking if they can sell their wares on Etsy. At first you think, “Sure! Why not?” But then doubt sets in. Can kids sell on Etsy? Aren’t there rules about that?

Legal Building Blocks: Takedown Notice

A takedown notice is like any legal remedy, to be effective it must be done right. Learn about takedown notices, then use our template to craft your own.

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