How to Use Gmail Canned Responses to Speed Up Your Workflow

Do you find yourself writing the same types of emails over and over again for your business? Programs Like Gmail’s Canned Responses and Text Expander can help you streamline your approach to answering emails, and free up more time for marketing, shipping orders, or anything else that might need attention your business. I use canned responses to speed up replies to wholesale requests, client questions, customer support, job applicants, and more.

The New Year’s ‘Not To-Do List’

New Year’s resolutions are a wonderful way to “should” on ourselves. Life coach Alissa Norton has stopped making these resolutions, and doesn’t recommend them to her clients, either. Not because they aren’t kept, but because she believes that to move forward, we must first let go. And sometimes, that’s the hard part.

She’s created a a Not to Do List instead and hopes to inspire others to do the same.

Winter Reading List for Creatives

Throughout 2018 we’ll be bringing you curated lists of books for craft business owners. Erin Dollar, founder of Cotton & Flax, a home decor products company based in California, is an avid reader with a library of books to share. She’ll be choosing a selection each season and describing what each book has to offer. To kick things off here is Erin with our winter book picks!

Payroll and Time Clock Software

Payroll services can keep you on track, keep you compliant, and save you time. Time card apps can help you and your employees and contractors keep track of their hours.

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