Chad Dickerson

Effective tomorrow, May 3, 2017, Chad Dickerson will be stepping down as CEO of Etsy. He will be replaced by Josh Silverman, a director on the board since November of 2016. Silverman previously held roles at American Express and Skype where he served as CEO. He was also a co-founder and CEO of Evite, Inc.

Dickerson said in a press release, “It has been an honor to lead Etsy as CEO for the past six years and the three years before that as CTO. The Board decided that it was time for new leadership to take Etsy forward and I support that decision. I deeply admire and respect each and every person on the Etsy team who has worked so hard during my tenure to deliver a great experience for Etsy buyers and economic empowerment for creative entrepreneurs around the world. I have the greatest degree of confidence in the long-term growth opportunities for Etsy under Josh’s leadership. I wish the company and the community the greatest success and look forward to supporting the global community of Etsy sellers as a regular buyer after the transition.”

Dickerson led the company through many significant transitions including the decision to allow sellers to work with manufacturing partners in 2013, the launch of Pattern in 2016, and the launch of Etsy Payments and Etsy Studio last week.

Silverman said in the same press release, “I have a deep appreciation for the mission of Etsy and the unique role that it plays in global e-commerce. Our focus will remain on delivering value to our community, including our shareholders. Having worked at other marketplaces, I recognize how difficult it is to create a differentiated value proposition for buyers that provides a unique opportunity for sellers—and Etsy has done that. In the coming weeks, I look forward to listening and learning from our employees, sellers, buyers and shareholders to help ensure we are focusing on the most value-enhancing near- and long-term opportunities.”



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