distributors_resourcelAlthough it’s possible today to sell your patterns and products directly to consumers, when you work through a distributor your product may reach a wider audience and orders may come in higher numbers. This is especially true if you’re hoping to sell overseas.

Here’s a big list of wholesale distributors of craft patterns and supplies for you to use when looking for a distributor for your work.

USEE Schenckhttp://www.eeschenck.com/sewing and quilting

Country Name Website Type
US Checker http://www.checkerdist.com/ sewing and quilting
US United Notions http://www.unitednotions.com/ sewing and quilting
US Midwest Textiles & Supplies https://www.midwest-textiles.com/ sewing and quilting
US Petersen-Arne http://www.petersen-arne.com/login?dest=%2fhome sewing and quilting
US Brewer Sewing http://www.brewersewing.com/ sewing and quilting
Canada Innovations Sew and Quilt Distributors https://www.innovationsew.com/ sewing and quilting
US Notions Marketing http://store.notionsmarketing.com/ general crafting
Global Darice https://www.darice.com/ general crafting
US KnittingFever Inc. https://knittingfever.com/ knitting
US Bryson http://www.brysonknits.com/ knitting, crochet, needlework
US Independent Creative Group http://www.icgcrafts.com/ cross stitch, knitting, crochet, and plastic canvas
US Skacel http://www.skacelknitting.com/ knitting and crochet
UK/Europe Hantex http://www.hantex.co.uk/ sewing and quilting
UK/Europe Taylors Supplies http://www.taylorssupplies.co.uk/ general crafting
Australia Creative Abundance http://www.creativeabundance.com.au/ sewing and quilting
US Louet North America https://www.louet.com/ knitting and crochet
Australia Charles Parson http://www.charlesparsons.com/products/craft-fabrics/ sewing and quilting
Australia Millhouse Collections http://www.millhousecollections.com/ sewing and quilting
Australia Two Green Zebras http://www.twogreenzebras.com/ sewing and quilting
Australia Leutenegger https://leutenegger.com.au/ knitting, sewing and quilting, needlecraft

If you know of other distributors we should add to this list, please let us know in the comments.

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