Evergreen content ideas for your craft blog

While social media may be a great tool for growing your presence and brand, and driving traffic back to your blog, it’s the content that will keep them sticking around once they’ve arrived. A tweet may peak at 18 minutes, and a Facebook post at 90 minutes, but useful, interesting blog content will last for years. That kind of blog post is known as evergreen content.

The trick to starting to think about what kind of content people will want to keep coming back to a craft blog for is to think about what you as a blog reader keep Googling for, or clicking through to see on Pinterest. Not only does this provide you with interesting and valuable content ideas, but it also gives you a clue as to how to make sure your post is read beyond the initial post date. Your content needs to be Pinterest and Google friendly as that is where the traffic will come from over the next few months to years. This means making sure each of your evergreen blog posts have a beautiful, vertical image that will look great on Pinterest, and to employ good SEO practices to make it easy for Google to find and recommend in searches. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Tutorials – Whether they’re aimed at beginners or experts, tutorials will always be the biggest drawcard for a crafting blog. There is always going to be someone just starting out, or wanting to learn a new technique, so tutorials aimed at beginners are going to achieve the most success.
  2. Curate content – Alternatively known as round-up posts, use a catchy title with your SEO keywords, such as “7 quick handmade Christmas gift ideas”. Bonus tip: source the gift ideas from your own archive of tutorials!
  3. Organization tips – Think of all the bits and pieces your craft needs and how you personally organize it. You may not think it’s anything particularly special, but if it works, tell people about it!
  4. Interviews – Create a list of interesting, unique questions to ask some of your favorite people in your crafting niche. Authors, designers, or even other bloggers are a great place to start.
  5. Expert advice – Separate from tutorials for specific projects, think about some of the more basic concepts in your field. Perhaps you’ve got a head for numbers and can teach others about the mathematics involved in your craft, or perhaps you have a lot of experience in working with different types of yarn that you can share with your audience.

image 2-evergreen content ideas

This half-square triangles quilt math post originally posted in July, 2012 (before Google Analytics was installed) has consistently brought traffic back thanks to Pinterest and Google.

  1. Reviews – Whether books, tools, online classes, or local stores, a genuine review about the various products and services you’ve experienced is useful content that Google will like too.
  2. Seasonal posts – Anything seasonal, especially for Christmas, is always a big hit on Pinterest, and if it’s of good quality, expect hits every year as the season comes back around.
  3. For Kids – Is there a way your craft can be taught to kids, or made for kids? Yes. Write about it! Mothers are what keeps Pinterest turning over, so catering to their need for fun craft ideas for kids is a winner.
  4. Free downloads – Whether it’s a worksheet or template, a pattern, or a printable to hang in your workspace, everyone loves a freebie!

It should go without saying that some of these ideas may not be a natural fit for your particular style of blogging or demographic. If your audience are 20-something garment makers, suddenly writing about sewing for kids may not go down well. Evergreen posts must still weave naturally and effortlessly into your editorial calendar, continuing the narrative of your blog and enticing new readers to stick around to read more of your work.

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