Jennifer Moore of Monaluna Fabrics uses many IKEA pieces in her Quilt Market booths as a way to “solve the hurdles of how to design a complex and interesting booth and get it made and shipped without breaking the bank.” This setup features the  INGO / IVAR table and 4 chairs in pine. 

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Moore.

Attending trade shows can be a big investment for small businesses; using IKEA pieces creatively can make your vendor booth stand out without breaking your budget! Check out these inventive ways to incorporate items from IKEA and remember that you can shop IKEA online and/or secondhand even if you don’t have a store nearby!

IKEA BROGRUND towel stand as a quilt display

Sassafras Lane Designs used an IKEA BROGRUND towel stand to display quilt samples at Quilt Market. This freestanding display is easily packable and has a small footprint while still displaying several materials!

IKEA NÄVLINGE reading lamp as a spotlight

An IKEA NÄVLINGE reading lamp functioned perfectly as a small spotlight in the Indie Untangled vendor booth. This small light adds cozy vibes without taking up much space and draws attention to products.

IKEA DRÖNA storage boxes as a modular display

SpaceCadet Yarn used IKEA DRÖNA storage boxes turned on their sides for inexpensive cube storage to showcase yarns (notice the NÄVLINGE lamps inside for spotlight focus, too) in their TNNA booth. These boxes are foldable, making them affordable to ship or transport.

IKEA BÄSTIS hooks as a bag display

Quirky, dog-shaped IKEA BÄSTIS hooks function as eye-catching, colorful bag holders in the Sassafras Lane Designs’ Quilt Market booth. These come in both bright and neutral colors, making it easy to tie into your booth’s aesthetic.

IKEA TOLSBY picture frame as an information display

Whole Circle Studio used an IKEA TOLSBY picture frame to display information about a quilt pattern bundle. This is an easily reusable storage solution; just swap out the “picture” with new information for new shows.

IKEA BEKVÄM step stool as display shelves

An IKEA BEKVÄM step stool does double duty, helping as a stool with booth set-up and then functioning as display shelves for product samples and pamphlets, as seen in Sassafras Lane Designs’ Quilt Market booth. This makes it easy to mix in design elements for the lower visual space.

IKEA MOALINA curtains as DIY drape walls

SpaceCadet Yarn used IKEA MOALINA curtains to create a hidden storage space in their booth – at the back left corner you can see where the wall comes forward, giving them a place to stash things away from visitors’ eyes. Using the same curtains as tablecloths allows for a seamless display, leaving focus on the colorful products.

IKEA Melltorp Table as Seating for Meetings

Here, Jennifer Moore from Monaluna uses a Melltorp table to provide clean, inviting seating in her Quilt Market booth.

More ideas:

  • Sew Mariana used IKEA ADDE chairs in their QuiltCon booth, adding multi-dimensional height to the product displays as well as adding cozy ambiance. 
  • An IKEA SOCKER terrarium served as a little showcase for yarn trees in Amy Herzog Designs’ TNAA booth, creating a unique and eye-catching tabletop display piece.
  • CARDIGANG used six IKEA TROFAST storage units as a center desk/shelving unit; it has lots of built-in storage and colorful drawers that match their aesthetic.
  • IKEA SKÅDIS pegboards didn’t need to be wall-mounted to create vertical storage space for Martina’s Tiny Store.

For more creative IKEA product inspiration check out these other resources:

Stephanie Woodson

Stephanie Woodson


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