We would like to take a moment to introduce a new member of our team working behind-the-scenes here at Craft Industry Alliance. From the very beginning our Journal articles have been professionally copy edited and we’ve worked with a few editors thus far to get the job done. We are excited this month to have brought on Paula Wilson who will be taking over copy editing duties and will also be doing some social media management on our Pinterest and Instagram accounts.

Paula is a writer and life-long maker with many years of experience in corporate advertising and marketing. She shares her passion for crafting and writing on her blog, Thoughts & Whimsy. With easy-to-follow craft tutorials, she inspires creativity in others—especially those who say, “I’m not crafty.” A craft generalist, Paula dabbles in just about any craft you can think of including crochet, paper art, sewing, and jewelry making.

A self-proclaimed grammar nerd, Paula says she was thrilled to learn that the Craft Industry Alliance was looking for an editor. “Combining my editing and writing skills with an organization committed to the craft industry is ideal. Abby and Kristen are wonderful collaborators who look at the craft industry strategically, always with the goal of helping makers succeed.”

When she’s not gathering supplies at a craft store or writing her next blog post, Paula can often be found standing on a dining room chair taking pictures of her crafts for her blog. “The light in that room is perfect for craft photos–although I think my family would like to have their dining room table back!” Paula is also active in the world of children’s literature and is working on two children’s picture book manuscripts, both of which were finalists for the Tassy Walden award for new voices in children’s literature.

Paula is a graduate of Villanova University and lives in Connecticut with her husband, two daughters, and piles of craft supplies.

You can find Paula on Instagram at @thoughts_and_whimsy, Twitter @paulawilson100, Pinterest and on her blog. And if you interact with our Instagram our Pinterest accounts you may very well be talking with Paula there, too. Welcome, Paula!


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