Does your small business need to order a lot of fabric on a regular basis? If you’re running sewing school, small batch production studio, costume shop, or another sort of business that requires many yards of fabric month after month, a bulk discount program could dramatically reduce your costs.

JOANN+ is a new business-to-business initiative from JOANN that aims to help small businesses, organizations, and solo entrepreneurs save money by buying in bulk at a discount and earning rebates. The program also offers flexible payment options, including purchase orders, and shipping directly to your business location.

Once your business is enrolled in JOANN+ you’ll shop online from a special dashboard that offers you volume pricing with tiered discounts that stay consistent over time. JOANN+ customers earn a $25 rebate on every $500 they purchase, and then 5% on their total quarterly purchases.

Although coupons can’t be used on the JOANN+ dashboard, once you sign up for the program you’ll be issued a barcode to use when shopping on the JOANN+ dashboard as well as in JOANN stores and on the regular JOANN website. All purchases you make count towards your rebate. Rebates are issued quarterly and can be spent online or in the store.

Signing up for the program takes just a few minutes and is totally free. Just input your business’s basic information and in a few clicks, you’re enrolled. Sign up right here.

Craft Industry Alliance is pleased to welcome JOANN as a new corporate member of our organization. Interested in joining Craft Industry Alliance? Find out more right here.

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