Our members do the neatest things! Here’s an update…

Wendy Sloan of Mainsail Studios has this news to share. She says, “I’m very excited to share that this spring Mainsail Studio Wings will be available on Sprout Patterns. My patterns include butterfly wings for 18″ dolls, children and adults. Fairy wings for children and adults and dragon wings for children and adults.

This is a project that began in my heart in 1981 when my mother designed amazing reverse applique wings for my sisters and me. In 2010 I started making my own versions of these larger than life wings using Spoonflower fabric. When Sprout Patterns launched, I knew that this was the next step. It’s the perfect marriage of sewing, technology and print on demand fabric (an essential component of easy-to-make wings) I share my journey and the wings story in depth on my new website http://www.mainsailstudioblog.com/coming-soon

Lauren Lang has something new to share, too. She says, “Excited to announce that I’ll soon be launching a newsletter for Wordcraft! The weekly newsletters will include a roundup of the week’s blog posts on Right Sides Together, as well as quick practical writing tips for creative businesses. I hope it will be a great free resource for craft industry members needing a bit of support in their writing skills.

If you’re interested in joining, sign up here or visit Wordcraft directly!”

Wedding Papercrafts

Kim Bart tells us, “I am proud to announce that I am one of a handful of paper designers that has been featured in a new book that just hit bookstores called Wedding Paper Crafts: Add Handmade Charm to Your Celebration by Lark Crafts.

This book features paper projects that add beautiful, handmade elements to your wedding. The projects I created for the book are a heart piñata, vintage book page bouquet and a vintage book page boutonnière.

For each project I had to sketch a design/ layout of the craft, create the actual craft, take photos of important stages while creating each craft, and supply them to the publisher, ship the finished items to Lark to photograph, write out detailed instructions, supply templates and lists of supplies, and edit the finished project after the editor had approved them, then sign off on the final book.

This project took a while and was very detailed but it was fun!!! This is one of what I feel are a few books I have in me. I’m not sure what I’ll do next but I’m happy to bask in the glow of my first book.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. I enjoy helping others with their business or projects!”

And finally Trixi Symonds would like to invite you to participate in a new even she’s organizing, “I am organising an event called Sew-A-Softie Day – which will take place in July of this year – designed to show both adults and kids that hand sewing is fun, creative, fulfilling, and that absolutely everyone can do it.

A number of sewing book authors, bloggers and Instagramers are taking part with their own Sew-A-Softie workshops in their local communities.

I’m hoping that some of you might want to join in, either by helping to promote the event on your blog or insta, by posting a simple to sew softie tutorial or organising a Sew-A-Softie workshops in your local community. Check out the Facebook page I created for the event.”

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