On today’s episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast we’re talking about building a career in as an expert in the quilting industry with my guest, Ebony Love.

An award-winning author and quilter Ebony is recognized as one of the leading experts in fabric die-cutting techniques. She’s best known as the author of The Big Little Book of Fabric Die Cutting Tips (affiliate link) and the featured long arm columnist for Quilty Magazine, though she regularly contributes to other magazines, videos, and television programs. She’s fond of blindingly-bright prints and takes a contemporary approach to traditional designs.

The Big Little Bok of Fabric Die Cutting Tips

In this conversation, Ebony begins by talking about growing up in a military family in Colorado and spending her summers with her extended family in Louisiana. She was an early sewing entrepreneur making satin heart pillows to sell to classmates at Valentine’s Day as kid. Ebony went on to get a degree in engineering and a full-time job in IT for a consumer package goods company. She discovered quilting when she decided to make baby gift for a friend which turned out to be a big hit at the baby shower. Soon, she found herself with a custom quilting business and Love Bug Studios was born.

Mary Fons and Ebony LoveEbony Love with Mary Fons on talking about longarm machines in this Quilty episode.

In a concerted effort to figure out how to efficiently cut circles out of felt while preparing for a craft show, Ebony accidentally discovered die cutting and has never looked back. Today she’s often referred to in quilting circles as “the die cutting queen” and has literally written the book on the subject, along with recording dozens of how-to videos. Ebony considers herself to be an educator and consumer advocate, rather than a brand ambassador, and we talk about the difference between those roles.

Two of Ebony’s dies.

Ebony has used Kickstarter to fund several of her bigger projects, including self-publishing her book and having custom dies manufactured and distributed. Recently, Ebony took another full-time job and we talk about the tricky balance required to support yourself in the quilting industry.

And, of course, I ask Ebony to recommend great stuff she’s enjoying right now. Ebony recommends:

Keep up with Ebony on her blog, on YouTube, and on Instagram to see where she’s teaching and to participate in her latest sewalongs.


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