In episode #19 of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast, my guests are two incredible women: Kari Chapin and Blair Stocker.

Kari is the author of four books, most notably The Handmade Marketplace. She is a creative business consultant and helps all sorts of creative entrepreneurs level up their businesses through strategic planning, brainstorming, and support. She also teaches and speaks at events and conferences across the United States. Her next course is with creativeLIVE. RSVP now to take her three-day online course, “Starting a Handmade Business”, for free. Kari lives in Portland, Oregon.

Last year Kari helped me write a tagline for my business. You can read that post here. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Kari in person when we did a book signing together here in Boston. It was so much fun to talk to her again for the show.

Blair Stocker is a modern crafter and prolific “maker”. She is the author of the new book Wise Craft: Turning Thrift Store Finds, Fabric Scraps, and Natural Objects Into Stuff You Love. Blair also designs quilts and quilt patterns, creates online DIY content for various platforms, and passes along her love of making through teaching. Her blog is wisecrafthandmade.com. Blair lives in Seattle.

Blair and I both started blogging in 2005. We’re old-timers, but this is the first time we’d had a chance to actually talk to one another. I’m in awe of the 60 projects Blair created for her book and we discuss how she pitched it and worked with her publisher to shape it into something that’s really excellent. So interesting!

Wise Craft and Handmade Marketplace

After chatting about our current projects, Kari, Blair and I recommend awesome things we love. This is my favorite part of the show because I always learn about new things to try (and often end up ordering stuff!). Here’s what we talk about:

Kari recommends:

  • Using secret Pinterest boards in the most innovative way

Blair recommends:

And I recommend:

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Thank you and enjoy the show!

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