On today’s episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast, we’re talking about business pivots with my guest Kristi Schroeder Larson.

Texas native Kristi Schroeder Larson is the creator of Initial K Studio, offering modern quilt patterns and needlepoint designs to the market. Her designs are inspired by travel as well as by putting her modern twist on classic quilt blocks.

Kristi’s book Southwest Modern was published by Lucky Spool Media in 2017, blending a quilting book with a travelogue in the form of a beautiful coffee table book. You can follow her daily life with her two young sons and product development on Instagram @initialkstudio


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artist in studio

Kristi with inspiration boards.

We begin this conversation with Kristi talking about her early career as a graphic designer and the various jobs she held that helped to expose her to a variety of different ways to put her graphic design skills to work.

Kristi explains how she came to quilting through the desire to make a set of placemats for a dinner party. Her mom showed her how to make them and that, along with a visit to a modern quilt shop, piqued her interest. Kristi began designing quilts for clients and did quite a bit of commission work before creating her first pattern. She went on to get a book deal with Susanne Woods at Lucky Spool and we talk about the process of creating this very special book.

Southwest Modern

Southwest Modern by Kristi Schroeder Larson

When Kristi had some health complications after the birth of her second child, she turned to needlepoint as a way to emotionally heal and pass the time. She found that needlepoint was just as satisfying and exciting as quilt design and that led to her third career pivot, becoming a needlepoint designer. We talk about what’s required to create a line of handpainted needlepoint canvases and what she’s learned about this new-to-her niche of the craft world.

triangle pattern needlepoint

Arrowhead hand stitch painted needlepoint canvas by Kristi Schroeder Larson.

We reference:

And, of course, I ask Kristi to recommend great stuff she’s enjoying right now. Kristi recommends:

  • Ted Lasso
  • spending time at the pool with kids in the summer

Be sure to check out Kristi’s next round of needlepoint designs that will be released this fall/winter and follow along on Instagram to see what she’s up to currently.


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