On today’s episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast we’re talking about creating a lifestyle blog and brand with my guest Brittany Watson Jepsen.

Brittany is the founder and creative director of The House That Lars Built, an award-winning website focused on artful living and making. She is the author of Craft the Rainbow and her work has been featured in The New York Times, CNN, Vogue, Martha Stewart and more! She is the mother of Jasper and Felix and lives with her family in Provo, Utah.

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We begin this interview by talking about Brittany’s childhood growing up in California. She says her mother and her grandmother had great taste and really valued beautiful things. They inspired her to realize that good design made you live better.

Brittany went to Brigham Young for college and then to the Corcoran for graduate school. She talks about several formative internships and early jobs she had that helped her to realize that a career in interior design would be appealing and possible. She then spent time in Copenhagen where she met her husband and it was there that she first began blogging.

Brittany talks about giant flowers she made as part of her wedding decorations and how the blog post for that project went viral. She also had another viral product and post featuring a limited edition product line she created for the royal wedding. Through those experiences, she realized that she had a business rather than just a hobby and began to focus on growing The House That Lars Built.

Brittany now does collaborations with brands and has an ecommerce shop

Brittany shares the structure of the team she’s built and a new direction that she is planning for 2023. She also talks about an episode of a home decor show about her home that will be airing soon and a craft-a-long she is running currently for Nest.

And, of course, I ask Brittany to recommend great stuff she’s enjoying right now. Brittany recommends:

Keep up with Brittany on her site, The House That Lars Built, and on Instagram to see her latest projects.

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