A few weeks ago I reviewed Mariska Vos-Bolman’s new book, Sew Cute to Cuddle. Through a comment on that post I met Ame Verso, the Content Director for F+W, Mariska’s publisher. Ame acquired Mariska’s book and helped to clarify F+W’s approach to selling individual patterns as PDFs on their own site and on Etsy in order to reach a larger customer base.

I really appreciated Ame’s willingness to share the story behind her publishing house’s decision and invited her to be a guest on my podcast in order to have a wider conversation about craft book publishing in today’s market.

In this episode of the show I ask Ame:

  • What she saw in Mariska’s proposal that caught her eye, and what she likes generally in a craft book proposal.
  • How much audience size matters and whether an author can publish a book today even if they bring a very small (or no) online audience with them.
  • Who owns the copyright for material published in a craft book. Can readers sell what they make from patterns in craft books?
  • What a typical author contract look like and how are royalties structured.
  • Whether she thinks you need an agent to publish a craft book, or a lawyer, or both (or neither).
  • How craft publishing changing and what that mean for the future of media companies.

Ame was very generous in the amount of knowledge she shares and I think anyone interested in craft books (as a consumer, author, or potential author) will find this conversation to be valuable. After you listen, send Ame a message on Twitter: @AmeVerso.

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And Ame shared her recommendations with us! They are:

I hope you enjoy the show! You can stream it here by clicking the arrow below or download it from iTunes. Thank you!

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