Think Shark Tank, but without the scary sharks…

In this Craft Industry Alliance event, three members will get free live coaching from a panel of industry experts. Participants will have the chance to pitch an idea or present a business conundrum and get top-notch advice to help them move forward.

We’ve selected three entrepreneurs who are at a crossroads in their businesses. They have business questions we can all relate to. We hope you’ll join us as viewers, and also add your own ideas for the participants in the chat.

Our Goldfish Bowl advisors will be Lia Griffith and MimiG!

Lia Griffith is a maker, designer, photographer, writer, and teacher. Since publishing her first paper rose and launching her handcrafted lifestyle site in 2013, Lia has developed hundreds of unique designs, templates, and tutorials to make DIY projects easier. While paper flowers are her number one love, Lia is the most passionate about helping others bring beauty, creativity, and sustainability into their lives. You can explore all of her DIY projects and become a member at liagriffith.com.
Mimi G Style is an award-winning popular fashion, lifestyle, and DIY blog. What started off as a hobby in Mimi’s Los Angeles home in 2012, blossomed into an international brand with a daily engagement of more than 2.1 million followers across all social media platforms and 12 million page views annually and 575k unique visitors per month on her blog. Mimi G Style empowers and motivates people of all ages and walks of life. Her videos on DIY sewing, self-empowerment, and lifestyle have propelled Mimi G from blogger to internet sensation.

Recorded Tuesday, February 26, 2019

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