Facebook reach is declining, the Pinterest smart feed algorithm seems to change every day, and Instagram is fun but doesn’t drive much traffic. You know that SEO is a dependable, drama-free way to grow traffic to your craft business. But…where do you start?

Here’s the good news: Growing your search traffic doesn’t have to be complicated. In this workshop, Kelly Holmes from Sticky Blogging will cover what you need to know about SEO for your craft business, including:

    • Why you should care about SEO when you already have a million other things to worry about as a business owner,
    • Three things you can stop doing today because they’re not helping you get found on Google anyway,
    • The secret to ranking on Google that most people miss (hint: it’s not knowing all the jargon), and
    • One wicked simple trick every business owner can use to get found on Google.

About Kelly:

For more than 15 years, Kelly Holmes worked as a top marketing professional at a billion-dollar company. After leaving her corporate career, Kelly applied the best-proven marketing techniques to her own online business, quickly replacing and then surpassing her high-tech corporate income so that her husband could leave his corporate engineer job, too. In her Sticky Blogging and Sticky SEO courses, Kelly helps web site owners step off the hamster wheel of chasing page views and focus on what will grow their businesses for the long-term.

Recorded Thursday, December 12 at 1:00 pm Eastern/ 10:00 am Pacific

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