Samantha BarnesGoogle Analytics allows you to monitor and analyze the traffic coming to your website. You can find out who’s visiting, what they’re looking for, and how they’re finding you. Yet for many of us the sheer wealth of data available makes knowing where to look, and what’s most important to look at, feel overwhelming. Often we give up before mining the good stuff.

In this webinar Google Analytics expert Samantha Barnes will explain how craft business owners can use this powerful tool in a practical way. We’ll look together at a real website ( and Samantha will show us how to set up a dashboard that monitors what’s most important. If Google Analytics has eluded you before, don’t miss this chance to finally get clarity.

Samantha Barnes has a background in fine art conservation and a love for data. She’s a Senior Analytics Engineer at LunaMetrics, a Google Analytics Certified Partner. Sam’s high level of expertise combined with her down-to-earth arts background makes her an ideal trainer for Craft Industry Alliance members.

Recorded March 24, 2016


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