Spoonflower Small Business Grant

Spoonflower, the Durham, North Carolina-based print-on-demand fabric company, has announced a new grant program for small businesses. Are you getting ready to launch, or do have a new product in mind? Are you preparing for a craft fair or big event? A Spoonflower small business grant will get you a $1,000 credit to use for custom fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap to help make your dream a reality.

The grant application is a one-page online form that requires you prove your business status, show pictures of your project, and explain your goals. A detailed budget is not required, but applicants should have a good estimate of how many yards their project requires.

Faux collars by Cece Merkle of Plume by Cece she makes with fabric printed by Spoonflower. 

Applicants can use designs from the Spoonflower marketplace or create their own designs and they can combine Spoonflower fabrics with other materials. They can also use Roostery, Spoonflower’s made-to-order home decor service. Spoonflower will help to publicize the winners’ projects on the Spoonflower blog and social media channels.

Twice a year up to 10 applicants will be chosen to receive the grant.

Jo Kalute uses Spoonflower’s Sport Lycra for her swimsuit line, Clovelly Cozzies

This program is open to creative small businesses worldwide. The current application deadline is February 15, 2019, and notifications will go out on March 1. Get more details and apply here. 

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