Podcast Episode #180: Louis Boria

In this podcast episode, knitwear designer Louis Boria of Brooklyn Boy Knits talks about his career in the industry including a viral photo of him knitting on the subway, his Tedx talk, and channeling the attention he’s gotten into introducing young people to the fiber arts.

Podcast Episode #175: Gaye Glasspie

In this podcast episode, Gaye Glasspie talks about her journey to becoming a knitting celebrity. Gaye (also known as GG) explains how she discovered knitting at a particularly challenging time in her life and how it transformed her world.

Knitrino is an App Poised to Disrupt the Knitting World

Knitrino is a new app that aims to disrupt the knitting pattern world by integrating all of the information a knitter needs including row-by-row pattern instructions, a progress keeper, a note-taking feature, and a colorwork option that shows color charts in the knitter’s selected yarn colors.

Yarn Industry News Update: Spring 2019

The yarn industry appears to be in the midst of industry-wide consolidation, with this quarter seeing even more acquisitions/mergers. Diversity in the industry and concerns over the inclusion of knitters/crocheters of all races, religions, genders, ages, sizes and socio-economic statuses has been the largest topic of discussion this quarter. Although the topic has simmered for years (decades?), the popular discussion began on Instagram in February and began on Instagram before moving to other social media networks and live events. Here’s a roundup of the latest news.

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