What’s New in Craft is a new series rounding up the latest craft books, kits, patterns, and supplies around a popular craft trend. For our first installment, we’re looking at sandal making. If you’re crafty you’ve probably dabbled in all sorts of projects, but did you ever think about making a custom pair of shoes? Recently we’re seeing sandal-makers everywhere we turn. Check them out, then embark on creating some sweet summer footwear.

The Sandalmaking Workshop: Make Your Own Mary Janes, Crisscross Sandals, Mules, Fisherman Sandals, Toe Slides, and More

by Rachel Corry

This photo-rich guide walks you through creating modern, stylish leather sandals step-by-step. You’ll be able to create a pair of sandals over the course of a day using a few simple tools and materials, no experience necessary. Learn how to refine and design uppers, attach soles then complete with finishing touches such as buckles or studs. This book is 208 pages and features 14 traceable patterns for comfortable open and closed-toe styles. Supply lists are provided for someone just getting started and for those looking to take their shoemaking to the next level.


I Can Make Shoes

Hardback Book

Learn the basics of shoemaking (including sandals) with easy-to-follow photo tutorials on everything from design to construction, pattern-making and lasting. Tailored toward absolute beginners, this book will help you set up your space and obtain supplies so you can start crafting from home. You’ll learn the basics of shoe design, pattern making and the essentials of constructing high heels, flats and sandals. The over 150 pages contains shoe design templates along with tips on how to teach yourself to draw. If you’d prefer to get live instruction, they offer a 3 and 10 day workshop in London, or an online Masterclass.


The Shoe Camaraderie

DIY Shoe Kits, Patterns & Online Courses

Make your own custom-fit sandals from The Shoe Camaraderie range with a DIY shoe kit or a pattern/course bundle. Both options are appropriate for those with no experience but want to dabble in sandal-making or want to customize a pair of great-looking leather sandals. With the kit option, you’ll get to select your color and all necessary materials to make your sandals. For a more customized option, you can purchase a pattern/course combination, then purchase your materials separately.


A Happy Stitch

Shoe Making Kits

Make your own espadrille shoes with A Happy Stitch curated packages. Kits contain materials and instructions, all you need is a sewing machine to walk away in your pair of handmade shoes. A variety of styles are available in toddlers, kid, teen and adult sizes. For a truly custom option, you can get the “I got it” kit then select your own fabrics to complete. A great option to dip your feet into shoemaking or to create a one-of-a kind shoe for yourself or as a gift.


Rachel Sees Snail Shoes

Sandalmaking Kits

These kits have everything you need to make a unique and long-lasting pair of leather sandals. Materials, tools, patterns and instructions are all included. Since some of the items in her kits can be difficult to source in small quantities, the kits give a rare opportunity to make a very unique sandal of your own. In addition, the leather pieces that are included come large so you can cut out your shapes to be as specialized as you want. Designed by the author of “The Sandalmaking Workshop” paperback book.


Stace Fulwiler

Handmade Shoes & Sandal Making Workshops

Stace Fulwiler offers a variety of options to learn shoe and sandal making. Since they’re just starting to transition to in-person sandal making workshops, they are taking a waiting list for pre-recorded workshops that you can take anywhere at your own pace. If you live in California, select in-person courses are available in May and June. For a personal experience, Stace offers a one-on-one Virtual Sandal Making Workshop that includes materials and 4 hours of instruction to make Toe Ring Sandals.  No previous experience is needed for any of the workshops but you’ll want to be comfortable working with an Xacto knife, scissors and hammer. In the online store, you can find supplies and kits to help you make your next pair of handmade leather sandals.



Know of any other resources on sandal-making? Please share below so we can check them out.

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