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Get the word out about your product or service in a highly-targeted, memorable way when you advertise with Craft Industry Alliance. Our newsletter and podcast reach enthusiastic craft hobbyists, Etsy shop owners, small businesses, and people of influence in the crafts industry.

Craft Industry Alliance is a community for craft professionals.

We provide in-depth coverage of craft industry news, giving business owners the context they need to make smart business decisions. We offer creative community where business owners connect with one another, receive advice and support.

Additionally, we provide ongoing education in the form of webinars, courses, and resources. 

The Journal newsletter

Each Wednesday morning, we send a newsletter called The Journal to a list of 23,000+ people (1,350 paid members + 22,000 list subscribers). The Journal is THE place craft professionals and devoted hobbyists turn to find out what’s happening in the industry. It’s considered a “must read.”

Each issue has a single sponsor. Ad placement appears twice: a logo and link just below the masthead and a full-width image and paragraph of text at the halfway point. 

The Journal was professionally designed by Jacqueline Boltik of yellow brim and is optimized to render beautifully in all email clients. Your ad will be seen and read by our audience of devoted craft enthusiasts and professionals.


of subscribers are highly engaged

meaning they often open and click


of subscribers are moderately engaged

meaning they sometimes open and click

Open rate is % of subscribers who open it every week. Click rate is % of subscribers who click at least one link every week. Media-industry average rates reported by MailChimp.

While I’m constantly trying to limit the amount of email I receive, the Craft Industry Alliance newsletter is on my short list of must-reads. It’s easy to scan and there’s always something in it that captivates me professionally and/or creatively. The Alliance team has an acute radar for stories that will enlighten the lives and businesses of makers as well as the courage and energy to investigate the events and attitudes that affect our industry.

Melanie Falick

Author, Making a Life: Working by Hand and Discovering the Life You Are Meant to Live

Craft Industry Alliance podcast

Share your product or service with a devoted audience of 8,000+ listeners by sponsoring an episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast, a professionally produced and edited show for creative small businesses.

Your sponsorship includes:

  • a 20-second ad spot before an episode begins
  • a 2-minute ad spot half-way through
  • a 20-second ad spot at the end of the episode
  • a banner and mention in the show notes for the episode

Each episode has a single sponsor

Audio is an intimate, memorable way to advertise. Make your business stand out from the crowd!




of listeners are subscribers


average episode downloads

within the first month

Podcast advertisements have a long tail. New listeners are discovering the show all the time so your ad is being heard again and again!

First time sponsoring a podcast?

We’ll work with you on the ad copy. Once you purchase your ad spot we’ll be in touch to go over all of the details.

It’s been amazing to witness our community growth since partnering with Abby in December. She makes it so easy to set everything up, and it’s been a huge boost for our business as well as helped us make new connections in the crafting industry.


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