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Know someone who might be interested in starting or growing a creative business?

Encourage the creative entrepreneurs in your world to join Craft Industry Alliance, so they can be part of the conversation, and get daily feedback on their business questions.


Earn 30% Commission from new memberships generated

That works out to $35.70 for each 1 year individual referral, $78 for each small corporation membership referral, and $147 for each 1 year midsized corporation membership referral.

Help your audience discover what you love about the Craft Industry Alliance while earning passive revenue in return.

Resource Library

Filled with tools and templates to help build a thriving business.

Stay in the know

We cover relevant craft industry news and stay up-to-date on marketing trends.


Join a community of professionals who  understand the highs and lows of the maker journey.


Save money with discounts on travel, shipping, office supplies, pro tools and more.

Get your affiliate code. Find your affiliate codes within your affiliate dashboard. You must be logged into your membership account to access this area.

Post your affiliate code to your blog, website and social media accounts. Downloadable Craft Industry Alliance logos are available here.*

Earn 30% of each membership that uses your affiliate link to register their new account. Check your referrals and earnings here.

*When using affiliate links, it’s required that you add a visible disclaimer near your post to remain FTC compliant.

For example: “This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I will get a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support.” 

See the full FTC guidelines for affiliate disclaimers here.

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