Frequently Asked Questions

I want to write for Craft Industry Alliance. Are you taking submissions?

Yes! Our articles are carefully researched, written, and edited. We hire writers to cover stories in all sectors of the craft industry and to explore topics related to entrepreneurship and small business for creatives.

Submissions must be original, not previously published online or in print, and accurate.

Please send your pitch to hello@craftindustryalliance.org. We will be in touch if your article fits with our mission and upcoming editorial calendar.

Is there a jurying process to qualify to become a member of Craft Industry Alliance?
Our only requirement is you have a business name.
What is your commitment to diversity and inclusion?

Craft Industry Alliance is committed to fostering a community that reflects the rich history and cultures of craft and the diversity of crafters. Our goal is to continuously evolve and to proactively create an organization that seeks to represent and recognize this diversity.

Most immediately, we acknowledge and strive to address the conscious and unconscious bias and systemic racism that exists in the crafts industry and in society by ensuring that our board members, staff, and contributors reflect the range of diversity in our community. Together, we work to create a shared digital space that is caring, safe, and inclusive for all members of the Craft Industry Alliance community. We have begun our initial steps and are committed to continuing to proactively build on this effort.

We’re on a learning curve and mistakes happen. Your feedback is encouraged and necessary for our collective growth. Please reach out at hello@craftindustryalliance.org or anonymously through the mail.

Will Craft Industry Alliance be relevant to me if I live outside the US?

Absolutely! Our community is open to craft industry professionals all over the world and we strive to cover issues that affect you as a small business owner no matter where you live. If you are most interested in social media, marketing, and graphic design for example, then what we have to offer is relevant no matter where you live. If you’re most interested in copyright, taxes, and legal issues, you might find our information specific to the US. But overall we’re making a strong effort to keep the content and the conversations applicable to a global community of craft professionals.

Does Craft Industry Alliance put on a trade show for the crafts industry?

Craft Industry Alliance is pleased to be the strategic partner for h+h americas, a trade show uniting the crafts industry. Our partnership entails planning the educational and networking content at the show including business classes, product demonstrations, and social events. We are also responsible for helping to market the show.

What if I don’t want my membership to renew automatically?
All memberships renew automatically, but you can cancel your membership before it renews or email hello@craftindustryalliance.org within 14 days of the auto-renewal to arrange a refund.
Is Craft Industry Alliance a non-profit organization?

No. We are community-driven and work together with our members for the greater good of all craft industry professionals, but Craft Industry Alliance is a for-profit LLC owned by Abby Glassenberg and led in collaboration with a Board of Advisors.

What if my business is still very small? Is there a minimum requirement of business experience required before you can join?
Craft Industry Alliance welcomes businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietors working alone at home to shops that have many employees and a warehouse, office, or outside studio space. The journal articles and online discussion will be most helpful to those business owners who have been working in the craft industry for at least a few years and have already established the foundation of their business.
How can I cancel my account?
We’re sorry to see you go. Let us know if there is anything we could have done differently by sending a note to hello@craftindustryalliance.org.

To cancel your account:

  1. Login
  2. Click Account (in the top right corner of the screen.)
  3. Click the Subscriptions tab.
  4. Click Cancel next to the subscription.
  5. Confirm by clicking Yes.

Please note that we do not offer refunds unless your subscription has auto-renewed within the last 14 days. If this has happened and you wish to cancel, please email abby@craftindustryalliance.org to arrange a refund.

How do I change the information that appears in the Members and Business directories?
To change the profile information other members can see in the Members and Businesses directories:

  • Login (top right corner.)
  • Click My Profile (also top right.)
  • Click Edit.
  • Click Personal to change your avatar, name, and social media links.
  • Click Business to change your logo, URL, and business description.
Are scholarships available?

Our annual scholarship program grants six 1-year memberships free of charge. Applications open in July and scholarships are awarded each August. Please note that these scholarships are reserved for business owners who have never been a member of Craft Industry Alliance.

As part of our commitment to creating a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organization and the crafts industry as a whole, we highly encourage individuals with Black, Latinx, Asian, or Native American ancestry to apply.

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