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Craft Industry Alliance courses provide a deeper dive into a specific topic area relevant to craft business owners. Each course consists of a series of short videos with transcripts, a discussion forum, and articles and downloadable resources to supplement the coursework. All courses are available for members to access anytime and our library is continually growing.

Tailwind for Pinterest

with Melissa Megginson

Tailwind for Instagram

with Melissa Megginson

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Get a tour of members-only resources and educational articles via email while diving deep into a topic of choice. The content of these courses will take various forms including articles, downloads, and videos. Course materials are spread out over 4-8 weeks, with one educational email delivered to your inbox per week.

You will only be able to sign up for one course at a time so you aren’t receiving too many emails at once. When you’ve completed a course, simply come back to this page and select your next topic. All of these courses are included in your membership – no extra charge.

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