Quotes might be everywhere in social media, but it’s because they are so very effective! They provide a little glimpse into your heart and mind and add to your personal story and the story of your business. People might not comment on them but they often respond with a like, and they’re shared like crazy! All of this improves your overall social media engagement level and can consequently improve your visibility. Use hashtags like #quoteoftheday, #quotestoliveby, and #inspirationalquote to attract more followers.

We’ve put together some cards with a few great quotes about art, life, and work. If they speak to you, feel free to use them wherever you like. Click on a single quote to save that image, or download the whole collection of quotes here.

Do you have a favorite quote? We’ll occasionally add to this collection, so please message @cialliance, email kristin@craftindustryalliance.org, or leave it in the comments.


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