Local Yarn Store Day is September 12, 2020

When TNNA closed down in April some shop owners were unsure whether Local Yarn Store Day would continue, but the good news is this beloved event will keep going, drawing customers into local yarn stores.

Bead&Button Show and Magazine to Close Permanently

The Bead&Button Show and Magazine will close down permanently says owner Kalmbach Media. Declining attendance at the show, plus ad and sponsorship revenue, and the pandemic led to the decision.

Podcast Episode #173: Ellie Lum of Klum House

In this podcast episode, Ellie Lum of Klum House talks about how she built her business teaching bag making classes in person and online and offering kits and patterns for makers at all levels.

Podcast Episode #172: Stitch People

On this podcast episode, Spencer and Lizzy Bean of Stitch People talk about how they built their business creating cross stitch portraits including pivoting from custom one-of-kind products to patterns and a 100+ page book, plus offering events to the Stitch People community.

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