Podcast Episode #195: Make Modern Magazine

In this podcast episode, the creators of Make Modern Magazine discuss how they’ve created an independent digital quilting magazine with an international following.

Etsy to Acquire Resale Marketplace Depop

Etsy announced yesterday that it is acquiring resale marketplace, Depop, for $1.6 million. We look at why they made this acquisition and what it might mean for sellers.

Etsy SEO Checklist

If you sell on the marketplace, understanding how Etsy search works and optimizing your listings for the algorithm will improve your views, likes, and sales. Use this checklist to improve your SEO on Etsy.

How to Get Found in Etsy Search

If you’re an Etsy seller, learning how to get your items found in search is fundamental to finding success on the platform. The good news is that you, as a seller, have control over the most important factors in search placement. Learn how to get found in an Etsy Search in this in-depth how-do.

Podcast Episode #194: Tisa Jackson

In this podcast interview, Tisa Jackson talks about how she has secured multiple brand collaborations within the crafts industry, designing creative projects to share with her audience.

Overcoming Common Obstacles for Creatives with Tammie Bennett

Ever struggle with imposter syndrome, procrastination or comparison? Most creatives have at some point. In this workshop with life and mindset coach Tammie Bennett, you will learn mindset shifts to help you overcome these obstacles so you can spend your time creating.

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