Episode #190: Making Stories

In this podcast episode, Hanna Lisa Haferkamp and Claire Walls explain how they create and publish Making Stories, an independent knitting magazine with a focus on sustainability.

The Size of the Quilting Market: Quilting Trends Survey Results 2021

Every year for the past ten years Premier Needle Arts has conducted The Quilter’s Survey in order to understand the quilting market, assess its size and growth potential, and to collect data about the typical quilter and her consumer behavior. Here are the 2021 results.

Build Your Business with a Membership Site

Learn to create a membership site for your business. Sarai Mitnick (Seamwork), Felicia Lo (School of SweetGeorgia) and Tanner Bell (Makers Gonna Learn) explain the ins and outs of building and marketing a successful membership.

Local Yarn Store Day is Returning April 17, 2021

Local Yarn Store Day is a special event designed to bring consumers into local yarn stores. It’s taking place for the fourth time and will be held this year on April 17, 2021.

Podcast Episode #189: Mou Saha

In this podcast episode, mixed media artist Mou Saha talks about her life as an artist first as a child growing up in India where she took a variety of art training courses, but studied psychology and then in the US where she encountered frustration with the inability to complete her PhD and, instead, pivoted her career to pursue mixed media art.

Podcast Episode #188: Tricia Brancolini-Foley of Handmade Arcade

In this podcast interview, Tricia Brancolini-Foley, the Executive Director of Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh, talks about the evolution of that indie craft show including becoming a non-profit, working with the Pittsburgh arts community, and pivoting to a virtual show during COVID.

Learn Actionable Ways to Improve Your Website, Images, and Storytelling to Support Your PR Goals: A Workshop with Wolf Craft

Often all you need is a fresh set of PR-tuned eyes to tell you how to improve your assets and what to adjust on your website so that you know you’re putting your best foot forward when pitching your work to publications. In this webinar, Nora Wolf and Kirsten Larson of Wolf Craft PR will workshop 4 members’ businesses live, providing actionable tips to help them meet their PR goals.

Podcast Episode #187: Shelley Brander

In this podcast episode, Shelley Brander talks about her career founding Loops Yarn Shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Knit Stars as well as writing her new memoir.

Podcast Episode #186: Azzari Jarrett

In this podcast episode, photographer and memory keeper Azzari Jarrett talks about how she came to develop a creative career for herself, discovering a love of film photography and scrapbooking when she became a mother and turning her talent for design into a small business.

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