Packing Checklist for Vending at a Craft Fair

In addition to bringing your handmade products, you’ll want to make sure you have all the necessary equipment and supplies to create an eye-catching display and facilitate sales. Our checklist covers items such as signage, lighting, packaging materials, and payment processing tools. By using our checklist as a guide, you’ll be well-prepared and able to focus on interacting with customers and making sales at your next craft fair.

Niche Networking

We hope you’ll join us for Niche Networking Meetings for our members. Connect, collaborate, and learn from Craft Industry Alliance members that work in the same craft niche as you do.

What’s New in Craft: Quilted Shoes

Shoes made from a sneaker kit with quilted panels sewn in are trending in quilting right now. Check out some of these great quilted projects that you can wear on your feet!

Valentine’s Trends for 2023

The trends for Valentine’s 2023 will fall into these categories: personalized couples gifting, Galentines, simplified romantic, Valentines’ humor, and nature Inspired.

Social Media Holiday Calendar

We’ve gathered the essential craft business holidays for 2023 to help you plan social media success.

Business Coaches for Crafters

One-on-one coaching can be incredibly helpful when you need specific advice to take your business to the next level. In this list, we’ve gathered coaches who specialize in working with craft businesses.

Big List of Sales Representatives

Sales Reps act as the personal connection between craft manufacturers and the retail shops that carry their products. A rep’s value lies in their deep knowledge and strong relationships in the industry, that allow them to match a retailer’s business needs to the manufacturers and products that are the best solutions for them. Whether working independently or in-house for a particular manufacturer, sales reps offer both manufacturers and retailers an efficient way to grow their businesses.

Small Batch Manufacturers

Finding a small batch manufacturer that can help you produce your goods can be a vital step for a small business looking to scale. We’ve rounded up small batch manufacturers that specialize in working with creative businesses to make the research step easier for our members.

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