What’s New in Craft: Granny Squares

Although they’ve been around since colonial times, granny squares are new again! We explore modern applications of the granny square on unique items such as home decor, hair accessories, and sweaters.

Creative Business Owner’s Gift Guide

Hey craft business owners! This gift guide is just for you. If someone has been asking you what you want this holiday, we know you’ll find some things on this list that you’ll need and love. Treat your business (and yourself) to something fun this holiday season!

Halloween Trends for 2021

We take a look at creative trends to expect this Halloween, including felt garlands, larger-than-life, contemporary harvest, warm metals, tapestries, earthly pastels, primary hues as accents, dried wilted flowers, witch hats, knitted pumpkins, apothecary, cyanotype and Halloween jewelry & accessories.

What’s New in Craft: Pressed Flowers

Pressing fresh flowers to preserve their beauty is a timeless craft practiced all over the world. In our latest trends post, we’re exploring modern applications of pressed flowers. Let’s take a look!

Are You Covered? Insurance for Your Craft Business

Whether you’re just beginning to set up your small business or are already established in the crafting industry, it never hurts to imagine, “what if?” What if someone takes a tumble on an icy sidewalk outside your shop? What if you sell a sewing machine that turns out to have an electrical fault? What if a massive hurricane brings floodwaters to your shop? Luckily, you can be your own risk manager and prepare for a great many of these “what ifs” by purchasing insurance for your business. By understanding the coverage options you have, you can protect yourself and your business against the unknown.

What’s New in Craft: Cyanotypes

Cyanotypes, a print made by placing objects like leaves and flowers on sensitive paper or fabric, have been around for a long time (around 150 years, in fact). What’s new is the interesting ways artists and crafts people are using this medium. We explore applications of Cyanotype in textiles, embroidery and mixed media print making in this What’s New in Craft.

Surface Design Symposium

Turn your passion for illustration into a career in surface design. In this day-long symposium co-presented with Spoonflower, you’ll learn from industry experts about marketing, licensing, and developing a personal style. Take a live class in Procreate or Illustrator, and tune in live for our keynote with Bonnie Christine!

What’s New in Craft: Decorative Collars

Crochet and knit collars are trending right now as a fun way to accessorize your outfit or use up spare materials. We round up some designs and patterns in this edition of What’s New in Craft.

What’s New in Craft: Market Bags

Open, airy market and tote bags are a spring and summer trend we have been seeing a lot of lately. Here’s a roundup of where you can find a stylish crochet or macrame bag, or learn to make your own.

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