Is Blogging Dead? Not So Fast

Don’t believe the hype. Blogging isn’t dead. In fact, it’s more alive and relevant now than it’s ever been.

Creative Business Owner’s Gift Guide 2017

Hey craft business owners! This gift guide is just for you. If someone has been asking you what you want this holiday, we know you’ll find some things on this list that you’ll need and love. Treat your business (and yourself) to something fun this holiday season!

20 Great Business Blogs to Follow

Discovering high quality business blogs to follow can be tricky. Discover some gems in our list of 20 terrific blogs for creative business owners.

The Art of Selling (or Buying) a Website

Buying and selling is definitely a viable option for many websites and can be a positive experience, but there’s some things to consider before you jump in.

Blogs to Inspire and Grow Your Creative Business

When it comes to running your creative business online, social media and blogging play a vital role in the building and promoting of your brand. Whether you run a website, sell handmade goods on Etsy, or use your blog to support a pattern business, learning the best ways in which to do so can be challenging to say the least. Sifting through Google results to find what’s good and what’s just trying to make money off your clicks is something that uses up our precious time, so here’s a list of quality blogs to inspire and grow your creative business!

Evergreen Content Ideas for Your Craft Blog

Evergreen content small
Creating posts for your craft blog that are evergreen will continue to drive traffic for years to come. Here are some great evergreen post ideas for craft blogs.

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