Podcast Episode #237: Libs Elliott

In this podcast interview, modern quilter Libs Elliott talks about how she uses generative AI to create quilt patterns and the development of her career in the quilting industry.

Podcast Episode #235: Cheryl Ham

In this podcast episode, Cheryl Ham talks about her journey from working a day job and dyeing yarn as a hobby to starting a sold-out indie dyed yarn subscription box business.

Podcast Episode #233: Porfiria Gomez

In this podcast interview, modern quilter Porfiria Gomez talks about how she’s built her business through collaborations with other designers and bigger brands.

Podcast Episode #232: Meghan Fernandes of Pom Pom Quarterly

In this podcast episode, Meghan Fernandes, co-founder of Pom Pom Quarterly, explains how she and a friend she met while working at a yarn shop created and launched an independent knitting magazine that now spans two continents.

Podcast Episode #230: Jonathan Lincoln of Goimagine

In this podcast episode, Goimagine founder Jonathan Lincoln discusses the state of digital marketplaces for handmade goods and why he feels there’s room for one that donates all profits to charity.

Podcast Episode #228: Andrea Mowry

In this podcast interview, knitwear designer Andrea Mowry traces her creative career from working as a pastry chef to returning to a love of knitting and creating a business with knitwear design that supports her family.

Podcast Episode #227: Amy Small

In this podcast interview, Amy Small talks about how she came to found Knit Collage, her artisan yarn brand. From being a sweater designer for Free People traveling all over Asia, to creating unique chunky yarns that incorporate her love of “trinkets,” this is truly an inspiring entrepreneurial journey!

Podcast Episode #226: Simon Hurley

In this podcast episode, designer and influencer Simon Hurley traces the genesis and growth of his cardmaking business from creating YouTube videos in his parent’s basement when he was 14-years-old, to full-time crafts entrepreneur in his early 20’s.

Podcast Episode #225: Cynthia Treen

In this podcast interview, artist and designer Cynthia Treen discuss the value of writing a book once you’ve built a business that aligns with it.

Podcast Episode #224: Julie Robinson

In this podcast episode, fashion designer and knitwear designer Julie Robinson talks about her creative journey from going to Parsons, to working in the fashion industry, to branching off on her own teaching pattern grading to knitwear designers.

Podcast Episode #223: Sandra Chandler

In this podcast interview, quilt artist and teacher Sandra Lee Chandler talks about how she came to specialize in transforming denim into gorgeous contemporary quilts and explains her unique take on quilt clothes.

Podcast Episode #222: Morgan Spenla

In this podcast interview, Morgan Spenla, founder of The Crafter’s Box, talks about how she built a craft subscription box company.

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