Are You Covered? Insurance for Your Craft Business

Whether you’re just beginning to set up your small business or are already established in the crafting industry, it never hurts to imagine, “what if?” What if someone takes a tumble on an icy sidewalk outside your shop? What if you sell a sewing machine that turns out to have an electrical fault? What if a massive hurricane brings floodwaters to your shop? Luckily, you can be your own risk manager and prepare for a great many of these “what ifs” by purchasing insurance for your business. By understanding the coverage options you have, you can protect yourself and your business against the unknown.

Product Liability Insurance: Do You Need It? (The Answer is Probably “Yes”)

Any business that sells products to consumers must consider the risks of products liability claims: lawsuits filed by people who allegedly are injured or suffer losses from defective or improperly performing products. Getting product liability insurance can protect you if a claim is filed. Here’s what you need to know.

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