Once you’ve decided to start a Facebook group for your business you’ll want to proceed in a careful and planned way. Give yourself time to think through all of the details so that when your group launches you’ll feel in control. Marjie Kemper, author of our article about how to launch a Facebook group like a pro, created this helpful checklist to walk you through the process. Print it out and check off the boxes as you work through each step.


❑  Choose your Group name—keep it short and consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO) key words

❑  Create a Secret Group to work in while you finish all the behind-the-scenes work

❑  Adjust settings to restrict membership approval and permission to post

❑  Link your Facebook business page to the Group

❑  Link any other Groups you are Admin on to the Group

❑  Change your Group URL to spell out the group name instead of the numbers assigned

❑  Create a bitly link for when you want a shorter version of above (you’ll want both). Visit https://bitly.com/ and enter the URL of your Group to get this shorter version.

Content Creation

❑  Create a cover image (Canva has easily customizable templates)

❑  Create graphics for recurring content within the Group

❑  Create graphics to promote the Group elsewhere

❑  Create monthly/quarterly content calendar

❑  Write your About This Group section

❑  Write and upload a FAQs document

❑  Write your Welcome post; consider making a welcome video

❑  Write 2-3 questions for vetting potential members

❑  Write a series of questions to use in polls for Group engagement

Next Steps

❑  Pin your Welcome post (or video) to the top of the Group

❑  Set desired privacy level (Public, Closed, Secret)

❑  Open Group

❑  Enable Notifications of posts and new member requests

❑  Monitor and react to Notifications of posts and new member requests

❑  Promote the Group on social media, via newsletter, and on your website/blog

❑  Post “live” in real time frequently, and schedule other posts for future dates

❑  Engage! React and reply to members’ posts, tag their names when responding, ask questions, post surveys and polls, etc.

❑  Examine analytics via Group Insights

Marjie Kemper

Marjie Kemper


Marjie is a mixed media art instructor who teaches art online and in person, and is pivoting to serve solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who operate online businesses. Join her Half an Hour of Art Group where she encourages members to find just 30 minutes a month to be creative. Or try her brand new Online Business Solopreneurs & Entrepreneurs Group which serves a community of folks like us, who are often juggling all the plates on our own as we run our small businesses.

Checklist: How to Start & Manage a Facebook Group

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