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Cyber Liability Insurance


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0:00:02.3: Hi, I’m Clint. And today we’re talking about cyber insurance. As a business owner in the digital age, it’s vital to consider your cyber risks. Although technology offers a lot of benefits and opportunities, it also comes with a whole new list of potential exposures for businesses. That’s where cyber insurance comes in. What is cyber insurance? Cyber insurance is a type of insurance designed to cover consumers of technology services or products. It can protect against data breaches or cyberattacks on your business. For example, if you had an employee click on a link in an email that downloaded spyware onto their computer and your client’s information were to get stolen, you’d be responsible for the discovery of the breach, the notification and monitoring.

0:00:41.6: Considering it might cost you an average of $200 per client to do this, that adds up pretty quickly. If you had 200 clients and had a breach, that would cost you potentially 40 plus thousand dollars without cyber coverage. Whether you’re a small company or a Fortune 500 company, if your business handles sensitive information like personal data, intellectual property or other critical corporate data, you’re at risk of cybercrimes. No company, regardless of size, is immune from a data breach or other cyberattacks, but every organization does have the opportunity to be informed and protect themselves and their clients’ data. If you’re interested in learning more about cyber insurance coverage for your company, use the link below or give us a call to get a free quote from Insurance Canopy today. As always, thanks for watching.

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