Would you like to add videos to your Instagram or Facebook feed with the tools and skills you know?  Making a professional looking video is easier than you think and does not have to cost a lot of money! This webinar is a primer on planning a video, writing a script, shooting, and editing for your creative business.  Currently, 25% of Instagram ads are 30 second single videos that are effective at getting higher engagement rates than a photo.

This webinar will be useful to anyone who uses social media for their creative business.  Along with solid information from experience, Joy will share behind-the-scenes information about prepping and filming a short video.  She will also share tips and tricks that she has developed to help you make and upload your first video!

You will learn about:

  • Video story-telling
  • How to write a script or create a storyboard
  • Prepping for a video shootLighting tips and tricks
  • The importance of captioning your video
  • Video length dos and don’ts
  • Adobe Premiere Pro and the power of video editing
  • Tips for how to get your video from your computer to Instagram

Recorded Thursday, January 25, 2018

About the instructor:

Joy Macdonell spent 20 years as an Education and Creative Content Director at EK Success Brands and more recently at Simplicity Creative Group.  She’s an instructor on Craftsy and Creativebug and has hosted television shows on the DIY network (Greetings, from DIY) and PBS (Crafting at The Spotted Canary). She’s also been the guest representative for Martha Stewart Crafts® on the Home Shopping Network and was the Education Director for the Martha Stewart Crafts® brand since it launched in 2007.

Prior to starting her career with EK Success Brands in 2001, she and her sister and owned the very popular scrapbook store in Fairfax, VA, My Scrapbook Store. Joy now has an online knitting school at Knit with Joy, serves as a business consultant, and enjoys social media where she shares her adventures in knitting on Instagram @JoyMacdonell .

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