Craft Industry Alliance Craft Trade Show and Business Conferences

Whether you’re a designer, a maker, a retailer or a blogger, trade shows and business conferences provide great opportunities to promote your business, network with other professionals, and learn more about the industry. (Plus they’re usually a nice break from the daily routine and local weather.) Even if you can’t go to everything you want to attend, it’s nice to know when events are happening so you can follow and support friends and colleagues on social media.

We gathered the locations and dates of some of the biggest craft industry trade shows and business conferences in 2016 into this 1-page list which you can print and hang on your inspiration board. If you have questions for other members about one of these shows, feel free to post in the Conferences and Trade Shows forum. You can also suggest a meet-up with other CIA members! Download the list of 2016 Craft Industry Trade Shows and Business Conferences here.

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