Use this spreadsheet to track all the things a business advocate would need to know about if you were to pass away or were unable to work. Before you get started, please read the article, What Happens if You Die? Preparing a Contingency Plan for Your Business. Categories include:

Business: Don’t forget your EIN and any online accounts you use for renewing your business registration, paying taxes, etc.

Banking: List all credit cards and checking and saving accounts as well any accounts/services you use to process payments.

Website: Don’t forget your domain registrar and the admin information for your blog, shop, email, etc.

Social Media: Most importantly, decide whether your business dies with you and whether or not you want your social media profiles to be deleted.

Subscriptions: Think about all the services you subscribe to–Askimet, Mail Chimp, Adobe, Craft Industry Alliance are a few examples.

People: List all your employees and service providers you work with throughout the year. Consider prioritizing who to call first.

Suppliers: This is especially important if you have open invoices and/or have orders that will be delivered in the future.

Office/Studio: List your rental agent or building manager as well as all the utility accounts you use in your space.

Proof of Identity: Some companies have verification questions before they’ll give you access to the account. You may or may not want to share these things.

Whatever you do, keep this secure. Consider keeping passwords separate or encoded, or use an online planning service. Download the fully editable document here.

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