You’re invited to attend The Goldfish Bowl! Think Shark Tank, but without the scary sharks…

In this Craft Industry Alliance event three members will get free live coaching from a panel of industry experts. Participants will have the chance to pitch an idea or present a business conundrum and get top-notch advice to help them move forward.

We’ve selected three entrepreneurs who are at a crossroads in their businesses. They have questions about marketing, time management, and a changing business model–things we can all relate to. We hope you’ll join us as viewers, and also add your own ideas for the participants in the chat.

Our March Goldfish Bowl expert panel will include knitwear designer and former magazine editor, Kara Gott Warner, home textile designer and owner of Cotton & Flax, Erin Dollar, plus co-founders of Craft Industry Alliance Abby Glassenberg and Kristin Link.

All CIA members are invited to watch the Goldfish Bowl. The event will be recorded and available for members to watch afterward.

Recorded Thursday, March 15, 2018

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