SEO for Crafters with Kim Herrington

SEO is a lot more than just putting the right keywords in the correct places. What you know about SEO is just the tip of the iceberg. But learning everything you need to know about SEO isn’t easy or approachable. SEO is full of jargon and it’s hard to understand how exactly you should apply SEO information to your unique business needs. In this webinar, Kim Herrington covers the basics of SEO you can actually use and a quick and easy system you can use to build SEO momentum in just 10 minutes a day, all jargon free and in easy to understand language. Kim’s webinar will feature:
  • The basics of SEO and search engines and their impact on your business
  • How to use SEO to think about your audience so you can create better content and products and build a loyal client base
  • The essentials every website needs for a strong SEO foundation
  • Effective and easy SEO routines in 10 minutes a day that can accelerate your traffic and business growth
  • Q&A of your most pressing SEO questions you’ve always wanted to ask

Recorded: Thursday, December 8, 2016

About The Presenter:

Kim Herrington teaches online entrepreneurs how to leave an indelible mark on the world and change their lives by creating opportunity, freedom and financial success for themselves. Award-winning travel and lifestyle blogger Sarah Von Bargen said hiring Kim to help drive traffic to her blog was “One of the best, smartest, most-stress reducing things I’ve ever done” and worked with Kim to triple her revenue in just two months. Kim has been an SEO expert for GoDaddy, Tailwind, and is a former Pinterest Community Expert for Businesses. Kim is the founder and Creative Director of Orsanna, a digital marketing agency, and teaches savvy digital marketing techniques at KimberlyHerrington.com. You can join her email list for weekly actionable marketing tips to get started leaving your mark on the world with your business.

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