What’s New in Craft: Flower Pounding

Flower pounding requires only a few simple tools to create beautiful painterly prints on fabric, paper or canvas. We explore the many different applications including illustration, embroidery, sewing and fabric dyeing.

Podcast Episode #200: Karen Barbé

In this podcast interview, artist Karen Barbé talks about the development of her career in embroidery. Raised in Santiago, Karen’s popular blog, Instagram account, and book have inspired thousands of people to learn about color and thread.

Podcast Episode #193: Christi Johnson

In this podcast episode, artist Christi Johnson talks about her journey from working in the fashion industry to starting her own clothing brand, creating embroidery patterns and classes, and writing a book with Storey Publishing.

What’s New in Craft: Embroidery on Knitting

Have you ever thought about embroidering your knits? Embroidered knits is a craft trend we are seeing everywhere. Here’s a roundup of where you can learn to do it, or buy a finished piece.

Podcast Episode #181: Anne Oliver of Lolli and Grace

In this podcast episode, Anne Oliver of Lolli and Grace talks about how she built her embroidery pattern and kit business. Anne’s English degree, experience working in a retail craft store, and love of photography all contributed to her success.

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