Putting the Kids to Work in Your Craft Business

The big order comes in and it’s all hands on deck to get it processed and out the door. Photographing, packaging, and post office visits. If you have kids in the house there is a good chance you asked them to help, just to get the work done and maintain a level of sanity.

6 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Teaching Kids’ Sewing Classes

Teaching kids to sew can be both fun and a bit scary. Can a 7-year-old be taught to use a sewing machine independently and safely? Megan Avery says yes! She runs a sewing studio in New Jersey and here she shares her top 6 safety tips to keep in mind when teaching kids to sew.

Podcast Episode #78: Annabel Wrigley

On today’s episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast we’re talking about teaching children to sew with my guest, Annabel Wrigley. Annabel Wrigley is an Australian mom, author, and designer living in rural Virginia. She owns Little Pincushion Studio, a space where she teaches children everything they need to know in order to go forth […]

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