Legal Question & Answer #3 With Kiffanie Stahle

Kiffanie Stahle is the legal eagle behind the artist’s J.D. In this Q&A session Kiffanie answers members’ legal questions on everything from trademark and copyright to contracts and more!

New Supreme Court Decision Makes it Harder to Go After Copyright Infringers

Fans of Ruth Bader Ginsburg rejoiced at her return to the Supreme Court a few weeks ago. Copyright holders were, perhaps, less excited when they read Ginsburg’s decision in Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v. Wall-Street.Com.[1] Although the decision merely clarifies a procedural point relating to infringement litigation, makers who vigorously protect their IP rights are concerned about the delay the Court’s decision will add to the already time-consuming process of copyright litigation.

Legal Question & Answer #2 With Kiffanie Stahle

Kiffanie Stahle is the friendly legal eagle behind the artist’s J.D. In this Q&A session, Kiffanie answers members’ legal questions on topics ranging from copyright and to contracts and more!

Legal Question & Answer #1 With Nakia D. Hansen

Nakia D. Hansen is a New York State-licensed attorney and digital strategist who currently serves as Of Counsel at Odegard Law, a boutique law firm in New York City and in this Q&A session she answers members’ legal questions.

Choosing the Right Business Entity

When its time to incorporate your business, how do you know which legal entity to choose? In this article, CPA Nathan Owen explains the differences between a sole proprietor, and LLC, an S-Corps.

How to Become a Confident Negotiator: Expert Tips for Creative Business Owners

Negotiating a business relationship or contract on your own can be incredibly intimidating, especially if negotiation doesn’t come naturally for you. It didn’t come naturally to Katie Lane when she first started work as an attorney. She had to learn how to negotiate including how to help herself when she felt uncomfortable or intimidated.

Katie shares her expert tips for getting comfortable in your role as a negotiator when you own a creative business.

How to Negotiate (Even If You Hate Conflict) With Katie Lane

Katie Lane is an attorney who specializes in negotiation for artists. In this webinar, you will learn to negotiate successfully, avoid caving into high-pressure demands, and most importantly, be calm, confident, and ready for action when opportunities present themselves.

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