Yoga of Yarn: A Self-Publishing Journey

Knitwear designer and yoga instructor, Liza Laird, chose to self-publish her new book, The Yoga of Yarn, assembling a team to edit, illustrate, and photograph it. She is doing the warehousing and distribution herself.

Podcast Episode #156: Melanie Falick

In this second podcast interview with Melanie Falick, we discuss her new book Making a Life. Melanie talks about the importance of making things by hand and how she went about interviewing makers and telling their stories for this ambitious project.

Podcast Episode #39: Melanie Falick

When I started my podcast a year ago I made a wish list of ideal guests. Over the course of the year, I’ve had the pleasure of talking with so many of them: Ann Wood, Jess Brown, Lilla Rogers, Kristin Link, Kari Chapin, among many others. I’m so pleased to be closing 2014 with someone […]

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