Podcast Episode #239: Stephanie Rohr

In this podcast, Stephanie Rohr traces her journey from being an actor to designing cross stitch patterns with bold, political messages.

Podcast Episode #238: Gretchen Hirsch

In this podcast interview, sewing pattern designer Gretchen Hirsch traces the development of her career from working in publishing to starting a blog to writing books and creating an indie sewing pattern company.

Podcast Episode #237: Libs Elliott

In this podcast interview, modern quilter Libs Elliott talks about how she uses generative AI to create quilt patterns and the development of her career in the quilting industry.

Podcast Episode #235: Cheryl Ham

In this podcast episode, Cheryl Ham talks about her journey from working a day job and dyeing yarn as a hobby to starting a sold-out indie dyed yarn subscription box business.

Podcast Episode #233: Porfiria Gomez

In this podcast interview, modern quilter Porfiria Gomez talks about how she’s built her business through collaborations with other designers and bigger brands.

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