What’s New in Craft: Quilted Shoes

Shoes made from a sneaker kit with quilted panels sewn in are trending in quilting right now. Check out some of these great quilted projects that you can wear on your feet!

Podcast Episode #210: Heidi Parkes

In this podcast interview, artist Heidi Parkes talks about her career as an art teacher and how she transitioned to an art practice creating quilts and teaching quilting.

Podcast Episode #204: Zak Foster

In this podcast episode, improvisational quilter Zak Foster talks about building a community of creativity online, creating memorial and burial quilts, and his commission for the Met Gala.

Podcast Episode #203: Jenny Doan

In this podcast interview, Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co. discusses how she and her family built one of the largest retailers for quilting fabrics and pre-cuts in the US through the power of YouTube.

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